Gallerie Gallera

Gallerie Gallera is an art gallery and studio which is on the main floor of Pointe aux Pins Lodge, now known as “That Canadian Lodge”. It is located on a tranquil and secluded island in the heart of the Ottawa River. We provide a space for artists to pursue their art while developing their skills.

“Transformation is easily obtained through escape from routine…
...if only for a short time” (Tina Michaud)

“One requires transformation periodically so as to maintain
individual balance in the world” (Tina Michaud)

Our Artist in Residence - Tina Michaud

We're very pleased to have Christina Michaud as our artist in residence. Tina has drawn for most of her life and has taken innumerable art courses. While in Montreal, she studied mixed media and studio art as well as drawing at Concordia University.

As an art teacher with the Pontiac School of the Arts, Tina has become an experienced leader and coordinator who is well-suited to help you foster your art in Gallerie Gallera. She is well known for her class "Floor cloths - Art you can walk on!", this year held at PSOTA on July 31st as well as Aug 1st and 2nd. Find out more about Tina at PSOTA, or get in touch with her at:


Here's What's Happening This Summer!

Gallerie Gallera presents a photography exhibition featuring a display of photographs that depict the beauty of nature in our own back yard! Robert Mirault captures the secret lives of beautiful animals that inhabit the wooded areas behind his home; while Rhonda Sharpe Morrison captures the stillness of nature in her back yard. She also has taken remarkable photos of prominent scenes from the protected area “La Blanche Forêt”. The show will be held until mid August.

Floor Cloth Workshop for Beginners
'Art You Can Walk On'
Coming Again Soon!

Fun, decorative and useful, this beginner’s course is offering instructions on preparing, designing and sealing your piece so you can take it home and walk all over it!

Stained Glass Workshop for Beginners
Coming Again Soon!

Jean Campbell teaches students to prepare, cut and foil the glass; finally assembling a small stained glass work to be taken home.

Overnight accommodation and a second day of instruction are available on request. For more information call or email Tina at (613) 585-3308 and leave a message. For accommodations, call or email Jim at (613) 586 9353.

Cost Per Course: $120 Includes workshop instruction and materials.


Our Studio

Our studio is very large and bright. Overlooking the Ottawa River, it is available for those wanting to offer workshops in the different mediums. This summer we plan on offering “Stained Glass for Beginners” and “Art You Can Walk On”; also known as Floor- Cloths. Another part of our plan is to offer workshops on Silk Painting, Paper-making, and Original Rug Hooking based on demand. As we will constantly be updating our site we will post the dates for the workshops that will be held. Watch for these notices if you are interested in joining us or email me, Tina Michaud. I'm here for you!

The Gallery

The gallery will house a collection of artist’s works of all mediums covering the walls for your viewing pleasure. That is of course, unless it is being used for a specific artists’ solo or group exhibition. Our plan is to help artists to showcase and promote themselves as they build their resumes. When the space is available, Gallerie Gallera will be offered for retreats in all creative mediums and will also be available for conferences of all kinds.

Our Raison d'être

Surrounded by water and wilderness, our locale gives artists the peace of mind to explore, paint, and create in this lush, clean, natural environment. It is the ideal place for individuals and groups to get lost in their creativity. When choosing to stay at our Heritage Lodge, clientele are physically removed from their multi-tasking, stress-filled environment. Come. Relax. Create! The forests, lakes, rivers, nature trails, birds, and wildlife await you. This unspoiled region clears the mind and frees your imagination to soar!